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  • yatex1.76/yatex.el

    diff -du yatex1.76/yatex.el.vine yatex1.76/yatex.el
    old new  
    77;;; The latest version of this software is always available at; 
     10;;; Our Vine Linux applied the following settings as default:  
     11;; (setq YaTeX-kanji-code 4 
     12;;       dvi2-command "pxdvi" 
     13;;       tex-command "platex -kanji=utf8 -src-specials" 
     14;;       dviprint-command-format "dvips %s | lpr" 
     15;;       makeindex-command "mendex -U" 
     16;;       bibtex-command "pbibtex -kanji=utf8" 
     17;;       ) 
     19;; (setq YaTeX-default-document-style 
     20;;       (concat (if YaTeX-japan "js") "article")) 
    1023(require 'comment) 
    1124(require 'yatexlib) 
    1225(defconst YaTeX-revision-number "1.76" 
    4962(defvar tex-command 
    5063  (cond 
    51    (YaTeX-use-LaTeX2e "platex") 
    52    (YaTeX-japan "jlatex") 
     64   (YaTeX-use-LaTeX2e "platex -kanji=utf8 -src-specials");; default: platex 
     65   (YaTeX-japan "platex -kanji=utf8 -src-specials");; default: jlatex 
    5366   (t "latex")) 
    5467  "*Default command for typesetting LaTeX text.") 
    56 (defvar bibtex-command (if YaTeX-japan "jbibtex" "bibtex") 
     69(defvar bibtex-command (if YaTeX-japan "pbibtex -kanji=utf8" "bibtex");; default: jbibtex 
    5770  "*Default command of BibTeX.") 
    5972(defvar dvi2-command            ;previewer command for your site 
    6073  (if YaTeX-dos "dviout -wait=0" 
    61     "xdvi -geo +0+0 -s 4") 
     74    "pxdvi");; default: xdvi -geo +0+0 -s 4 
    6275  "*Default previewer command including its option. 
    6376This default value is for X window system.") 
    65 (defvar makeindex-command (if YaTeX-dos "makeind" "makeindex") 
     78(defvar makeindex-command (if YaTeX-dos "makeind" "mendex -U");; default: makeindex 
    6679  "*Default makeindex command.") 
    6881(defvar dviprint-command-format 
    6982  (if YaTeX-dos "dviprt %s %f%t" 
    70       "dvi2ps %f %t %s | lpr") 
     83      "dvips %s | lpr");; default: dvi2ps %f %t %s | lpr 
    7184  "*Command line string to print out current file. 
    7285Format string %s will be replaced by the filename.  Do not forget to 
    7386specify the `from usage' and `to usage' with their option by format string 
    87100  "*Command name to convert dvi file to PDF.") 
    89102(defvar YaTeX-default-document-style 
    90   (concat (if YaTeX-japan "j") "article") 
     103  (concat (if YaTeX-japan "js") "article");; default: j 
    91104  "*Default LaTeX Documentstyle for YaTeX-typeset-region.") 
    93106(defvar YaTeX-need-nonstop nil 
    545558  "*Initial tex-section completion") 
    546559(defvar YaTeX-fontsize-name "large" "*Initial fontsize completion") 
    547560(defvar YaTeX-single-command "maketitle" "*Initial LaTeX single command") 
    548 (defvar YaTeX-kanji-code (if YaTeX-dos 1 2) 
     561(defvar YaTeX-kanji-code (if YaTeX-dos 1 4);; default: 2 
    549562  "*File kanji code used by Japanese TeX. 
    550563nil: Do not care (Preserve coding-system) 
    5515640: no-converion (mule) 
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